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Controversial landfill application rescinded

The Hendry County Courthouse (photo courtesy Waddy Thompson)

A. Duda & Sons has rescinded its application to construct a 300’ high Class I Waste Landflll in Hendry County that would accommodate regional waste from outside the area. The proposed 1,190-acre landfill was to be located in Hendry County three miles west of SR 29, within the Rodina Sector Plan. The proposed site is surrounded by producing citrus groves.

The facility could also include a leachate facility, scale house, administrative office, vehicle maintenance facility and gas facilities.

The county hopes to promote economic diversity in the entire southwest area of Hendry County, bounded by SR 29 and Lee County, which includes the West Hendry Planning Overlay, South LaBelle Village (in the City of LaBelle), Rodina Sector Plan and Southwest Hendry County Sector Plan.

With the only access to the proposed landfill from SR 29, residents in Immokalee were concerned about the large amounts of heavy vehicles that would necessarily be routed through that town. The plan would add 528 daily trips to SR 29, most of which would be through Immokalee.

Impacts to agricultural interests, including obstructing the ability to control greening/HLB control by aerial applications, and inhibiting remaining panthers from moving throughout the inland portions of Southwest Florida were cited.