Caloosa Belle

Second juvenile charged in shooting

Eliceo Hernandez

Hendry County investigators arrested a second juvenile in the August 17 afternoon shooting of a 14-year-old near Jaycee Lions Park (Civic Park), located on Jaycee Lions Drive. On August 25, investigators arrested 15-year-old Eliceo Hernandez on charges of Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon.

Fourteen-year-old Fernando “Tito” Gonzalez was charged with aggravated battery last week in the shooting. Both juveniles are being held in the Department of Juvenile Justice Detention Facility in Fort Myers. The 14-year-old victim remains hospitalized.

Student held in school threat
On Monday, August 24, the sheriff’s office received a note stating that the school would be shot up at 2:30. School Resource Officer, Sgt. Ty Marshall and school officials immediately began the tedious task of identifying the individual that wrote the note.

The threats, written in crude handwriting, were left on the bathroom counter in one of the bathrooms at LaBelle High School. Following all leads, and remaining vigilant, Sgt. Marshall arrested a 15 year old male student. As of print time, charges are pending.

“We want all parents to know that we (HCSO) are working hard to keep their children safe while they are in the school setting”, said Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden.

“This act, has created fear in both parents and students and we want everyone to know that through perseverance and hard work, this arrest was made.”