Caloosa Belle

Cattlemen at Florida’s Capital

Submitted photo/Lindsey Wiggins
From left to right: Raymond Crawford, Ray Hull and Mavis Rodriguez

The Hendry County Cattlemen’s Association members are the ‘Proud Stewards of Florida Agriculture’. Their mission states “Hendry County Cattlemen’s Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose shall be for education and improvement of the cattle industry and agriculture in the County of Hendry and the State of Florida.”

During the week of March 13, members of the Hendry County Cattlemen’s Association attended the Legislative Quarterly meeting in Tallahassee. The purpose of this meeting was for Cattlemen and Cattlewomen to meet with State Senators and Representatives in an effort educate these elected officials on issues impacting the beef industry.

This group of dedicated individuals proudly represented their industry at an event called “Boots on the Hill”. Forget the suits and shiny shoes. The Cattlemen, who were dressed in hats, button-up shirts, boots, jeans and belt buckles, fried up some highly popular mouth-watering swamp cabbage fritters for the crowd of lobbyists, legislators and their aids. As Kimberly Clement of Clementine’s Southern Boutique stated, “it’s the only time of the year you see cowboy hats and boots on the Hill!”