Caloosa Belle

Miss U says “YES” and ties the knot with Mr. Q

On March 24, the wedding of the year was held at Upthegrove Elementary School. That’s right! Mr. Q and Miss U were joined together in marriage to become the “/QU/’s”. The UES Pre-K teachers and students put on the event to recognize the fact that the letter ‘q’ cannot make a sound without his friend letter ‘u’.

Caloosa Belle/Amanda Nelson
After taking vows to be letter partners in all words, Mr. Q and Miss U promised to build /QU/ words together forever and always. When Reverend Deerey announced that they were married, Mr. Q let out a long “QUACK”. Mr. Q can finally speak!

The groom wore a large black Q while the bride wore a large pink U. They were accompanied by several groomsmen and bridesmaids as well as an audience of many well-wishers. A small reception was held after the ceremony where all in attendance enjoyed cupcakes and juice.

Reverend Deerey ‘officiated’ the service. He explained that, “Mr. Q began to realize that when he was not with Miss U he could not speak, and he missed her very much.” Since Mr. Q wanted to be with Miss U all of the time, even when she was with her other letter friends, then he knew he had to marry her.

It’s now official. This union makes sure that these letters will always be beside each other in words such as ‘quack, quiet, queen, quarter, quill and quick’. May they live happily ever after!