The names that will go on the Veterans Wall

Update to the LaBelle Veteran’s Memorial Park. As many of you know, the bricks currently in the park are deteriorating and any plans to replace them were too costly, and it was decided to erect a granite wall to hold the veterans names and their branch of service.

A list of names is posted at the American Legion and VFW in alphabetical order. The committee for the park is asking everyone to verify their bricks for any errors. You can also contact Bob Kirkwood to obtain a digital list of the names at

The wall will list the Last name, First Name on one line and on the second line the branch of service, such as, Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, or National Guard. If a service member was in more than one branch of service both branches will be listed.

If you should find an error you are asked to go to the LaBelle American Legion, 699 W Hickpochee Ave, LaBelle, FL 33935 and fill out a form to make an adjustment to the wall. You are also able to email DAV member Bob Kirkwood at to make a correction. No phone calls will be accepted for corrections. The cutoff date for any corrections will be August 1, 2018, any errors found after that date will be permanently engraved on the wall.

If anyone is wishing to have a veteran’s name on the wall that does not currently have a brick they can contact the American Legion Post to fill out a form at a donation of $100 before August 1, 2018 to have it engraved on the first go around.

The following are the current veteran’s names as they will appear on the wall:

Alexander, Norman F. – ARMY ; Allen, William D.- ARMY; Amey, Edwin V.- ARMY; Anderson, Archie-; Anderson, Leonard-; Awbrey, Michael H.-MARINES; Bailey, Duke-; Baker, Bob-MARINES; Baker, Carl-ARMY; Baker, David-MARINES; Baker, Jim-ARMY; Baker, Malcolm D.-AIR FORCE; Ballard, A.L.-NAVY; Ballard, Doug-ARMY; Ballard, Fait-ARMY; Ballard, John-AIR FORCE; Ballard, Lewis S.-NAVY; Ballard, Perry M.-NAVY; Ballard, Robert-NAVY; Ballard, Sam-AIR FORCE; Barton, Edyth-AIR FORCE; Bartoshuk, Peter P.-NAVY; Batcheler, George C.-NAVY; Bechtel, Charles C.-; Beer, Bruce E.-ARMY; Beer, Victor -ARMY; Bengston, Arthur B.-ARMY; Bengston, Brian N.-NAVY; Bengston, Norman A.-ARMY; Bengston, Randal A.-ARMY; Bischel, Ralph W.-MARINES; Bishop, Paul-ARMY; Blakey, Donald E.-ARMY; Blount, Owen-CSA; Boardman, Thomas K.-MARINES; Boland, Dennis R.-ARMY; Boswell, Thomas C., Jr.-ARMY; Boy, John B.-NAVY; Brant, Jack S.-NAVY; Brant, Mel-NAVY; Brennan, Benjamin-NAVY; Briede, George-MARINES; Broom, Alvin Jr.-MARINES; Brown, John Thomas-ARMY; Brown, Morris Frank-NAVY; Brown, Rex Paul-NAVY; Brown, Vergil-NAVY; Bruning, John W.-NAVY; Buffalino, Edward-ARMY; Buffalino, Ernest-ARMY; Buffalino, Michael-ARMY; Buffalino, Sylvio-ARMY; Burchard, E. Easton-AIR FORCE; Bussy, Lewis Franklin-ARMY; Camp, Arthur J. -ARMY; Camp, Arthur J., Jr.-NAVY; Canada, Charles R.-MARINES; Card, N. Norman-NAVY; Carville, William E.-NAVY; Chandley, John P.-NAVY; Christian, Charles M. -ARMY; Clark, Curt Turner-AIR FORCE; Cochran, Bill-ARMY; Collard, W.E. ‘Jake’-; Conley, Carl E. -ARMY; Conley, Larry E. -AIR FORCE; Connelly, Thomas J. -ARMY; Corbitt, James A., II-ARMY; Corbitt, Thomas -AIR FORCE; Corbitt, Thomas, II-ARMY; Cox, Bert-; Cribbs, R. Dennis-ARMY; Cutinha, Nicholas J.-; Daniels, Bob-NAVY; Davis, Donald A.-ARMY; Davis, Thomas G.-ARMY; Davis, William E.-ARMY; De La Cruz, J. Lopez-ARMY; de Mello, John H. Jr.-AIR FORCE; Delarosa, Andres V.-ARMY; Dillon, John E.-ARMY; Doll, Joseph T. -NAVY; Dooley, Kenneth -NAVY; Dowhen, Travis W.-NAVY; Dye, Ted Eugene-ARMY; Earnest, Robert A. -ARMY; Easterly, C. Jacob-; Easterly, Seldon P.-; Easterly, William R. -; Eckard, Raymond-ARMY; Ehlinger, William A. -; Elizondo, Manuel-NAVY; Evers, John W.-NAVY; Evers, Larry-; Farquharson, H.T., Sr.-COAST GUARD; Fix, Harold E.-ARMY; Forde, Ernest J. -NAVY; Fox, Al -AIR FORCE; Futch, Joseph S. -; Garrett, Wayne E.-NAVY; Graumin, R.E. ‘Jake’-; Green, Richard M.-AIR FORCE; Greer, Blish Lee-AIR FORCE; Gruenwald, Alex-ARMY; Hall, Steven D.-; Hall, W. Clint-MARINES; Hammett, Robert C. -ARMY; Hammett, Robert C., Jr. -ARMY; Hancock, Vic-NAVY; Hanshaw, Robert-ARMY; Harbin, Denver-; Harn, Harlee S. -AIR FORCE; Hodges, James Manuel-NAVY; Hoffman, Oscar Wm.-NAVY; Hollingsworth, Ernest-COAST GUARD; Hollingsworth, Glenn-; Horne, Michael Lee-MARINES; Howard, G. Seth-; Howard, Raymond W.-ARMY; Hull, William L. -; Jack The Horse-; Johnson, David R.-ARMY; Johnson, Mize-ARMY; Kane, Martin-ARMY; Karau, Mel-ARMY; Kennington, Henry E.,Sr.-MARINES; Kirby, Henry Robert-; Kirkwood, Robert S.-AIR FORCE; Kisela, John Virgil-ARMY; Kussman, Robert A.-ARMY; Langford, Oscar L.-NAVY; Leal, Roman Sr.-NAVY; Ledbetter, Charles-; Lehman, Jack-ARMY; Leventhal, Stanley-ARMY; Libner, Melvin J.-ARMY; Lipford, Dennis R.-ARMY; Little, William D. -ARMY; Lowe, James ‘Jim’-; Luckey, Clifford-ARMY; Luckey, H. Russell-ARMY; Luckey, James A. -ARMY; Luckey, Jessie-ARMY; Luckey, Owen L., Jr.-MARINES; Luckey, Owen L., Sr.-ARMY; Luckey, Samuel-ARMY; Luckey, Samuel A.-CSA; Luckey, Sherman-MARINES; Luckey, Stafford O.-ARMY; Maddox, Henry S.-ARMY; Maddox, W.T.-; Marshall, Harold ‘Bud’-; Martinez, Pablo B.-; Mata, Phillip-ARMY; Mattice, Charles H. -ARMY; Mazzarese, John J.-AIR FORCE; McAvoy, Chris-NAVY; McCall, Luther L.-ARMY; McClure, Gene ‘Mac’-ARMY; McCuiston, Tom J.-AIR FORCE; McDaniel, Lawrence-ARMY; McGarrah, Ed-ARMY; McGarrah, Edwin-ARMY; McGarrah, Steven-NAVY; McNulty, John L.-ARMY; Meador, Charles-AIR FORCE; Middleton, Robert-ARMY; Miller, Theodore E. -NAVY; Mitchell, William M. -NAVY; Molina, Francisco G.-ARMY; Moore, Robert E., Jr.-MARINES; Moore, Robert E., Sr.-MARINES; Mudge, Charles W. -ARMY; Murray, Oliver T. -NAVY; Narehood, Daniel-ARMY; Neal, Vance R., Sr.-; Nieves, Pedro-ARMY; Nightingale, Gardner S.-ARMY; Nisbet, Arthur F.-AIR FORCE; Nobles, L.J., Jr.-; Norwood, George W. -AIR FORCE; Nourse, Thomas R.-ARMY; Oliver, Joseph-ARMY; Orr, Donald L. -NAVY; Orwig, Harry L., Jr.-ARMY; Orzech, John T., Sr. -MARINES; Ottmer, Louis-AIR FORCE; Pace, Marshal A., Jr.-NAVY; Palumbo, Bernie-MARINES; Papineau, Justin-AIR FORCE; Papineau, Vincent C.-MARINES; Parrish, Randall T. -NAVY; Parrish, Randall T., Jr.-NAVY; Parsons, Broward-MARINES; Peacock, Eddie B.-ARMY; Peacock, Richard E.-ARMY; Pearce, Robert F., Jr.-ARMY; Pelletier, Phillip-NAVY; Pepitone, Wayne-ARMY; Peters, Martin A. -ARMY; Philibert, Leon J.-NAVY; Pinkham, W.C.-AIR FORCE; Pollock, James M.-AIR FORCE; Poole, E.M. ‘Buddy’-ARMY; Posthumus, R.K.-NAVY; Prescott, Toby Lee-ARMY; Pretz, C.-NAVY; Pretz, J.-NAVY; Pretz, J.C.-NAVY; Puente, Macedonio-ARMY; Rassmussen, Bernard-ARMY; Ray, Doyce Kenneth-NAVY; Reecer, W. Harold -AIR FORCE; Reisner, David J.-ARMY; Renfro, Samuel -; Rennolds, Leon O.-ARMY; Rider, Sam ‘Reeves’-AIR FORCE; Risley, Joe R., III-NAVY; Risley, Joe R., Jr.-ARMY; Roper, Robert L.-ARMY; Roser, Paul-ARMY; Rosine, George L.-AIR FORCE; Roux, Armand J.-ARMY; Ruble, Marvin J.-ARMY; Schall, Janet L. -ARMY; Schall, John H.-MARINES; Schall, Robert A.-NAVY; Schall, Robert T.-ARMY; Schneider, James C.-AIR FORCE; Schoenwald, Mark C.-NAVY; Scribner, Emery L., Jr.-ARMY; Seigla, John-ARMY; Shaw, Thomas J.-AIR FORCE; Sinclair, Curt-ARMY; Sinkovic, Walter J.-NAVY; Smith, Dannie D.-; Smith, Henry Sonny-ARMY; Smith, Kenneth L.-ARMY; Smith, William K.-NAVY; Sorensen, Greg-ARMY; Stark, Vernon A.-; Stem, Austin C.-ARMY; Stepp, Oscar-ARMY; Stout, Philip-ARMY; Strickland, Chris-MARINES; Strickland, L. -ARMY; Strickland, Ryan K. -MARINES; Styles, Jean-ARMY; Styles, Richard-ARMY; Summerall, James H., Sr.-; Summerall, Marvin-; Swihart, Donald W.-; Swihart, Stewart D.-; Szymanski, Henry-AIR FORCE; Tanner, Willie D.-AIR FORCE; Taraborrelli, Dolores-ARMY; Taraborrelli, Egidio-NAVY; Teasley, Charles C.-ARMY; Thibodeaux, Charles J.-AIR FORCE; Thigpen, Elbert, Jr.-ARMY; Thompson, Daniel H.-AIR FORCE; Townsend, Bob-ARMY; Townsend, Ray-NAVY; Townsend, Roy-COAST GUARD; Troutman, Leotis-ARMY; Vanarsdall, Jeanette-ARMY; Vaughn, Thomas W. -ARMY; Wagnon, Emma-NAVY; Wagnon, Eugene-ARMY; Wagnon, Millard III-MARINES; Wagnon, Millard Jr.-NAVY; Wagnon, Millard Sr.-NAVY; Ward, Frank J. -MARINES; Warren, J. Carroll-MARINES; Warren, Kenneth L. -NAVY; Warren, Willis L. -ARMY; Way, Robert-AIR FORCE; Weekley, Pharis-; Weekley, Thomas P.-; Wegsheid, Stan-ARMY; Wendt, Arnold O.-NAVY; Wendt, George-ARMY; Wendt, Herman-ARMY; Wendt, Lawrence-ARMY; Whatley, Margaret-; Whidden, Bethel Jay-MARINES; Whidden, William B.-ARMY; White, Mark S. -ARMY; White, Truitt M., Sr. -MARINES; Williams, Albert S.-AIR FORCE; Williams, Barry-COAST GUARD; Williams, Donald G. -AIR FORCE; Williams, J. Mark-ARMY; Williams, Jack-MARINES; Williams, Patricia-AIR FORCE; Williams, Shawn C.-MARINES; Williams, Steven H.-NAVY; Williams, Thomas O.-ARMY; Williams, Walton M.-ARMY; Wilson, Tom-ARMY; Wingard, Bill-ARMY; Wingard, Kenny-ARMY; Winn, Charles B.-MARINES; Winn, Michael J. -NAVY; Womack, Ray Bryan-NAVY; Wooten, John-; Wooten, Michael-; Wooten, Robert-; Wooten, Walter-NAVY; Yeager, H. Patrick-ARMY; Yeomans, R.L., Sr.-NAVY; Zoellner, Dorothy E. -ARMY; Zoellner, Herbert-NAVY and Zoellner, John F. -NAVY.

Cindy Pearce

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