Caloosa Belle

Find ways to jump start your self care

I recently went to a salt cave in Naples. Have you heard of these salt caves?

First, I sat in a 140 degree infrared sauna for thirty minutes followed by a 70 degree fifty minute session in the ‘cave’. The cave literally has Himalayan salt on the floors, walls, and pumped into the air through the air system. The salt is great for your respiratory system as well as your immune system.

I left feeling absolutely amazing! This experience jumpstarted, for me, a devout practice of self care. I realize that when I take the time to invest into my well being first, I am then able to serve others from a much more capable place.

I work with people all of the time who identify as caretakers. Whether they are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, or children of ailing and aging parents, many times my clients find themselves feeling depleted and exhausted due to the constant call of service they provide to those they love.

Many times they feel that to do anything for themselves would be a selfish act and they end up neglecting their self care.

I remind them of the pre-flight speech we hear every time we fly. From the flight attendants we hear “Should there be a change in cabin pressure the oxygen masks will release. Make sure to put on your own mask first and then help children or people around you who may have troubles putting on their own masks.” This is a great analogy for life.

There is no way we can give water to the thirsty if our well is dry, and so we MUST take the time to care for ourselves so that we can be of better service in our families, communities, and the world.

I suggest this week you take some time to find ways to replenish, rejuvenate, and reset your own energy and see how much more your ability to serve others is strengthened.