Caloosa Belle

Morning rituals are very important

How we start our day can either make or break it! If we oversleep, wake up rushed, and haphazardly jump into the day we can safely bet that the rest of the day will feel off kilter. If we allot ourselves enough time after waking to mindfully and intentionally ease ourself into our day then we will experience a much more peaceful and joyful day for sure. Morning rituals are very important to set yourself up daily to win.

My non-negotiable morning ritual is to pray and meditate first thing after I wake up. I like to follow this with a cup of bulletproof coffee or hot tea. Then I will check my emails, messages on social media, etc. Finally I’ll shower and get dressed before going out into the world and engaging with society.

When I make the time to fulfill my morning rituals I feel so much more centered and prepared to face what the day brings. Of course, there are times when I wake up later than usual, or something unexpected comes up and throws a wrench into my morning routine but as long as I have an arsenal of quite a few tools in my toolbox to center me then I can jump to my next go to tool for getting aligned before facing the day.

What are your daily rituals? What do you do to ensure that you start the day off on the right foot? If things don’t go as planned how do you re-center your awareness and re-claim your day? I’d love to hear from you!