Caloosa Belle

Clewiston Elementary Schools placed on a brief lockdown

Clewiston Elementary Schools were on a brief lockdown today until deputies apprehended a man who entered Central Elementary School.

Deputy Julio Perez was on duty today at Central Elementary when he witnessed a man enter the front door of the school. He then heard Principal Melissa Carter say that the man was not permitted to be on their school campus.

The man, later identified as 27 year old, Nathaniel Lee, walked back out the front door of the school and off school property. Deputy Perez contacted road units to assist in locating Lee because they had lost sight of him. Perez then contacted Eastside/Westside Elementary School (ESE/WSE) Resource Officer (SRO) Shanita Campbell to make her aware that he could now see Lee walking toward her school. Perez and Principal watched the man walk across the PE field of ESE schools.

Central Elementary and Eastside/Westside Elementary Schools were placed on a brief lockdown until Lee was taken into custody by deputies.

“This was a classic example of a working relationship between school staff and deputies,” said Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden. “The job of the SRO is so vital and important. Every day that SRO puts on his or her uniform, they know there are thousands of parents relying on them to protect their children and keep the community and school campus safe. Today, that is exactly what they did.”

Deputies transported Lee to the Sheriff’s Office sub-station. After Lee struggled with deputies, he was placed under arrest for Trespass and Resisting Arrest without violence.