Caloosa Belle

LaBelle Youth Livestock Poultry Show

The LaBelle Youth Livestock Poultry Show was held on Sunday, February 12th with Mrs. Cindy Kinard of Arcadia, Florida serving as the official judge. LaBelle Ranch Supply sponsored the show.

Ariana Alexander, Channing Roper, Logan Alexander, Zackary Dalrymple and Nicholas Alexander.

Exhibitors were judged on the Danish system using blue, red and white ribbons for each poultry entry.

Pee-wee exhibitors did fantastic at exhibiting their poultry. All of pee-wee exhibitors received blue ribbons for their participation. The pee-wee exhibitors were Shawn Alexander, Jacob Porth, and Beau Roper.

Junior, Intermediate and Senior exhibitors may exhibit more than one critter. Receiving blue/red ribbons for their entries: Ariana Alexander (12), Logan Alexander (12), Nicholas Alexander (12), Zackary Dalrymple (7), Morgan Lujan (3), Jalyn Porth (8), Channing Roper (6) and Aimee Suchomski (4). Receiving red ribbons for their entries: Nicholas Alexander (3), Jalyn Porth (2), Logan Alexander (1) and Aimee Suchomski (2).

Shawn Alexander, Baeu Roper and Jacob Porth.

In the Standard Breed division: Nicholas Alexander captured Best of Show with his Rhode Island Red rooster with Channing Roper exhibiting the Best Opposite with her Cochin hen.

In the Bantam Breed division: Best of Show was awarded to the Silver Seabright hen exhibited by Nicholas Alexander with Morgan Lujan taking Best Opposite with her Black Dutch rooster.

In the Fowl Division: Jayln Porth took the Best of Show award with her African Grey Goose and Best Opposite with her Peking Duck.

In the Junior Showmanship division: Nicholas Alexander captured the first place award with Channing Roper winning second place. In the Intermediate Showmanship division: Jayln Porth was awarded first place with Aimee Suchomski taking second place.

Morgan Lujan, Erica Powers, Aimee Suchomski and Jalyn Porth.

The Poultry exhibitors were either members of the Pioneer Small Animal 4-H Club led by Pat Bosley, LaBelle Small Animal 4-H Club led by Mylissa Dalrymple or the Poultry 4-H Club under the direction of Dave and Cindy Alexander. Thank you LYL committee members, 4H club leaders and parents for a great show. LaBelle Ranch Supply’s sponsorship was greatly appreciated.