Caloosa Belle

Living Wax Museum at Country Oaks Elementary

Photo by Amanda Nelson

On May 18, history came to life at Country Oaks Elementary School in LaBelle! Fifth grade teachers and students at COES proudly presented a ‘Living Wax Museum’. Guests were invited to attend the event and learn about various historical figures. A Living Wax Museum is similar to a real wax museum; however, the main difference is that the students are the ‘wax statues’, and rather than hearing an audio recording the students actually do the speaking.

For this project, students chose a historical figure, did their research, and wrote a biographical report that would later become an oral speech. On the day of the event, each student gathered props to accompany their display, and then dressed up in character to look like their chosen historical figure. When the faux speaking buttons were pushed, the statues came to life and recited their speech to interested visitors.

Given the positive response from the administration, staff, students and guest visitors, it looks like this may become an annual event. This type of teaching and learning adds great value to the educational process. Principal Robin Jones stated that she was “very impressed” and thoroughly enjoyed participating in the project.