News from HC Tax Collector worth giving thanks

As he opened the Hendry County Board’s regular meeting the week before Thanksgiving, Chairman Michael Swindle didn’t know beforehand how grateful he’d be to hear from County Tax Collector Pat Langford first, before getting down to the night’s business. Mr. Langford appeared to deliver, in person, an upbeat end-of-the-year report to the county commissioners that […]

County calls for study of voting change

Hendry County commissioners listened to a report Tuesday from County Attorney Mark Lapp on preparations for the voter-mandated move to change the method of commissioners’ election from single-member districts to an at-large system, in which each commissioner on the Hendry County Board would be elected by a countywide vote. The board had hired a Tallahassee […]

Hendry County BOCC passes budget, millage;

The only person to speak at Hendry County’s final budget hearing Tuesday, Oct. 3, was Sheriff Steve Whidden, who rose to ask, “I was just wondering if the commission had given any further thought to the two deputies I requested.” Vice Chairman Darrell Harris told him, “Not unless it’s in the numbers that they balanced […]

BOCC sets tentative millage rate; discusses Irma reaction

At Tuesday night’s county commission meeting, the board set the tentative 2017-18 millage rate and budget. Much of the rest of the meeting was taken up in Hurricane Irma-related issues. The commission voted to place the tentative millage rate at 8.4909, with a roll back rate of 8.2645. That’s the rate that would be required […]

Commissioners recognized by Counties Association

Hendry County was well represented by their Board of County Commissioners during the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) annual conference June 26-30 in West Palm Beach, being one of only eight counties having all Commissioners in attendance. The County Administrator and other staff members were also present at the conference to discuss issues facing the […]

BOCC motions to revoke ALTAIR’s tax exempt status

The following is a highlight of the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting held on Tuesday, June 13 at Clewiston City Hall. Bids • RFQ #2017-13 – Construction Management Services for Historic and Non-Historic Projects in Hendry County – The Board approved to move forward with Construction Management Services contract. This contract is […]

Highlights of the BOCC meeting

The following is a highlight of the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting held on Tuesday, April 11 at Clewiston City Hall. Awards, Appearances and Presentations • Presentation – Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council (RPC): Margaret Wuerstle, Executive Director for the RPC gave a presentation with an overview of the previous year’s accomplishments […]

Hendry County works to improve roads

Hendry County is currently working on improving Flaghole Road and Fort Denaud Road with the financial assistance of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The Flaghole Road project is approximately 5.8-miles long and extends from Woodland Blvd to US27. This project consists of isolated base repairs, shoulder work, culvert replacement at the L-1 Canal, and […]

Hendry BOCC discusses Felda speed increase

The following is a highlight of the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting held on Tuesday, March 28th at the LaBelle Commission Chambers. Consent • Speed Regulation on CR 830 & CR 830A: A request was made by Commissioner Wills to evaluate the speed on CR 830 and CR 830A in Felda for […]

Hendry County Economic Development Council takes a stance opposing local land grab in Senate Bill 10

While water knows no jurisdictional boundaries, neither should economic development and quality of life. The Hendry County Economic Development Council strongly opposes Florida Senate Bill 10 as proposed by Senator Rob Bradley, calling for the purchase of 60,000 to 153,000 acres of productive Glades farmland. Such action would be devastating to the economies and residents […]