It is time to overcome the fear that stops you in your tracks

Have you ever decided that it’s finally time to take action on that thing that you’ve always wanted to do only to be inundated with a paralyzing fear or feeling of overwhelm that stops you dead in your tracks? Maybe it’s painting a mural on your kid’s wall, or planting an organic garden of veggies […]

Our energy has the power to affect other people

Today I was over the moon to have the opportunity to visit the Downton Abbey Exhibit in New York City. I am a huge Downton fan and the entire experience was absolutely incredible. As we entered the enormous and gilded double doors the docent pulled the trio of DA fans of which I was one […]

Frame your thoughts to notice the things that you are grateful

I get daily emails from some of my favorite teachers, leaders, and organizations. I like that every morning I get to start off my day by reading messages that uplift my spirit and set me off in a good mood. One such email that I read this past week said, “You are not doing any […]

One way to up your happiness level

One of the best things we can do to up our happiness level is to fulfill the longing that we all have to make some sort of contribution. Whether it’s giving money to your favorite charity or cause, or donating your time to help an organization that brings healing or empowerment to a sect of […]

Be the change you wish to see in this world

Living in this day and age, with school shootings and acts of terrorism being the norm of what we hear about on the news, it’s easy to get disheartened and feel like there isn’t anything we can do to make a difference in the world. It’s easy to let the ‘bad news’ get us down […]

Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want

I recently read somewhere (I can’t remember where… probably Facebook) that worrying is like praying for what you don’t want. Have you ever noticed how true that statement is? Have you ever woke up and started fretting about all the things that lay ahead of you? Maybe you’re worried about that deadline that is looming […]

Believe it or not, we are meant to be happy

Has there ever been a time in your life when you said “Enough is enough!” and you took action towards making your life happier? I’m sure there has been; we’ve all had those times. It’s the times when we end an unhappy relationship, or start a healthier diet and exercise program, or clean up the […]

Gratitude can amp up your happiness level

People often ask me what they can do to up their happiness level in their jobs, relationships, and all areas of life. While there are many factors in our lives that contribute to how we view the world around us the one thing that we can do, immediately, to begin to bring more happiness into […]

Transition can be unpredictable

Transition can be unpredictable sometimes. If you find yourself in a space of transitioning from one job to another, or from relationship to single (or vice-versa), or making a physical move, the emotions that come along would be emotions of excitement, anticipation, or adventure. Conversely, the emotions that come up for you could be scary […]

All I ever need to be is who I really am

This past weekend I hosted a one day teaching in San Diego, California with one of my best friends and spiritual running buddies. We rented a venue right on the bay, overlooking the water. The sun glistened on the ripples, sending reflections of light dancing along the walls of the room where we would be […]