Schedule some ‘fun’ time into your day

There is nothing more therapeutic than a good laugh; a deep belly clutching, can hardly catch our breath kind of laugh. So many times during the course of our busy days we get caught up in our lists of ‘to dos’ and ‘deadlines’ that we totally cut off all streams of joy into our life […]

There will always be support – the last of five sutras

Over the past five weeks I have been giving you one sutra at a time that I was inspired to write during the passing and aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Today we will learn the final sutra of my teaching on weathering life’s storms and navigating your way to a happier you. So far we have […]

The fourth of five sutras to weather any storm

As our lives are getting pretty much back to ‘normal’ it’s easy to forget the difficulties that we face through the storms in our lives. It’s important to remember the lessons that the hard times bring to us, however, and to take them into our daily practices, even when life is calm and breezy. By […]

The Third of Five Sutras to weather any storm

If you have been following my Hunting Happiness column since Hurricane Irma passing you know that I was inspired to write ‘5 Sutras to weather any storm’ based on my experiences and observations throughout and after the storm. Storms can come in many forms in our lives and there are universal truths that we can […]

The second of five Sutras to weather any storm

Last week I introduced the first in a series of five “Hunting Happiness” issues concerning the things that I learned throughout Hurricane Irma. I was inspired to put these things to writing in the form of “5 Sutras to weather any storm” that can be applied to the ‘storms’ that come and go in our […]

The first of five Sutras

As I was reminiscing on the past weeks events: storm, electricity gone, gas shortage, tree limb abundance, heat, heat, and did I mention heat?   I began to think about the lessons that I had learned through all that I had been through during the course of the storm and its aftermath. I came up […]

Find ways to jump start your self care

I recently went to a salt cave in Naples. Have you heard of these salt caves? First, I sat in a 140 degree infrared sauna for thirty minutes followed by a 70 degree fifty minute session in the ‘cave’. The cave literally has Himalayan salt on the floors, walls, and pumped into the air through […]

As the season change so do our schedules

As summer vacation has officially taken its bow and exited stage right our schedules have made their way back to being more routine (or more chaotic depending on the way you look at it) I hear a great deal of reports on how this new season is being welcomed in and these reports are as […]

What if I decided this was fun?

Something that I work on with my coaching clients about reframing their thoughts during times when things aren’t going exactly as planned is asking yourself “What if I decided this was fun?”. Imagine being stuck in traffic after a long day and instead of lamenting the fact that you’re going to be arriving at home […]

Gratitude – it’s a call to action!

When you look up the definition of “gratitude” it says: “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” It’s not just the quality of being thankful. The definition goes further to say that it’s also the readiness to show appreciation and to RETURN KINDNESS – it’s a call to […]