Special birthday wish

Elizabeth Bough asked her mom and dad if she could gather donations for an animal shelter in lieu of birthday presents for her seventh birthday party. So she gathered her friends and when they came to her party they brought a lot of doggie toys, cleaning supplies, cat toys, towels, blankets etc. Her family was […]

Never to young to give

Lawson Pledger the 3.5 year old son of Matt and Ashley Pledger makes donations to the Caloosa Humane Socitey shelter a few times a year and he loves reading to the cats. Lawson has a rescue blue pit named Ali (short for alligator), a fish and 5 laying hens and he loves cats, which no […]

Doug Morgan does Belle’s Ice Cream Bar Brain-Freeze Challenge

If you are competitive you can join the Winter Olympics this year at the Belle’s Ice Cream Bar in LaBelle. They have the Brain-Freeze Challenge; 24 scoops in 30 minutes. If you eat the entire 24 scoops within the time limit you will be rewarded with a prize. Doug Morgan of LaBelle Animal Control took […]

Student with disabilities finds a niche caring for Caloosa Humane Society animals

An emaciated caramel-colored dog is brought to the lobby of the Caloosa Humane Society Shelter, her ribs protruding and her appetite voracious. All eyes are on the rescue dog as she laps up the dish of food prepared to help fill out her large frame. Outside, an energetic bulldog named “Chubbs” tests the strength of […]

Meet Jennifer Johnson of Caloosa Humane Society

Jennifer Johnson is the new Executive Director of the Caloosa Humane Society and the Caloosa Veterinary Clinic: “My love for animals started at a very early age. I grew up as an only child on a hobby farm in western Wisconsin so my closest companions were all the animals. As a kid I was convinced […]

Pet of the Week

Willie is an eight year old, Hound mix, who has a heart of gold. This gentle giant weighs in at around 60 pounds and is sure to steal your heart (and possibly your bed too) Please come by Caloosa Humane Society Adoption Center and meet this gem of a dog! 1200 Pratt Blvd. LaBelle. Any […]

Pet of the Week

Rosie is a one year old Australian Cattle Dog mix. She is super loving and would make a great addition to any home. She gets along well with other dogs. Would you be willing to open your heart and home to Rosie? Please come by our adoption center at 1200 Pratt Blvd. in LaBelle or […]

Pet of the week

Did you know? Black shelter pets are less likely to be adopted than pets of different colors. Maurice is a 3 year old, domestic shorthair. The ladies at the shelter describe him as sweet, affectionate, and cuddly. He plays well with others and he is a good ‘therapist’ to the other cats. What makes Maurice […]

Inspiring LaBelle – One pet photo at a time

“I originally started volunteering at the Caloosa Humane Society in 2010. That’s where my love for photographing abandoned animals began,” says Tricia Boone. When a conversation starts with an opening line like that you know it’s going to be a tear jerker! Tricia, an avid animal lover, says that she felt a connection to animals […]

Caloosa Humane Society re-opens with bigger future plans

The Caloosa Humane Society shelter is planning to re-open this week. Roof damage from the hurricane caused water to leak inside the shelter, all their animals had to be evacuated. But they have bigger plans than just re-opening; they are looking to start a new facility where both the shelter and clinic will be brought […]

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