Student with disabilities finds a niche caring for Caloosa Humane Society animals

An emaciated caramel-colored dog is brought to the lobby of the Caloosa Humane Society Shelter, her ribs protruding and her appetite voracious. All eyes are on the rescue dog as she laps up the dish of food prepared to help fill out her large frame. Outside, an energetic bulldog named “Chubbs” tests the strength of […]

When it comes to feral cats in your neighborhood remember TNR

I recently sat down with Sherill Overberg of the Caloosa Humane Society, Glenda Sparnroft of Fortunate Ferals Inc., (located in Alva), and Judy Cadman of LaBelle, to talk about bringing awareness to their efforts to help educate people on the things that can be done with the population of community cats in and around LaBelle. […]

Caloosa Humane Society re-opens with bigger future plans

The Caloosa Humane Society shelter is planning to re-open this week. Roof damage from the hurricane caused water to leak inside the shelter, all their animals had to be evacuated. But they have bigger plans than just re-opening; they are looking to start a new facility where both the shelter and clinic will be brought […]

Animal Rescue battles to overcome storm damage

Animal Rescue Inc., is the oldest animal rescue and shelter in LaBelle. For twenty-eight years Diane Sheppard, owner and operator of the the non-profit organization, has run the shelter exclusively on charitable donations. “Twenty-eight years ago when we first moved here, me and my daughters would go down the road and pick up dogs and […]