City of LaBelle LPA and regular City Commission meeting

The LPA meeting began with a First Reading on Proposed Ordinance 2020-11, this ordinance was in relation to a Land Development Code Amendment for industrial wastewater pre-treatment. There are two separate ordinances: the Fats, Oil and Grease (aka Grease Trap) and the Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP). Both require wastewater to be treated before it is […]

Wilkins worries over lack of public input

The main discussion at the LaBelle Regular City Commission meeting, held on May 14, at the LaBelle Civic Center, was a First Reading of proposed ordinance 2020-02, 2020-03 and 2020-04: Commissioner Wilkins expressed worry over the severe impacts concerning this ordinance, and the inability of concerned citizens to be able to express their concerns due […]

Doug Bostik and Hilda Zimmerly honored at commission meeting

City of LaBelle Regular Commission Meeting on February 13, began with roll call that showed Tommy Smith, Julie Wilkins, Daniel Akin, and Mayor David Lyons we’re present. They opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Doug Bostick was recognized for his hard work for the past 12 years as the City of LaBelle’s […]

Barron Park improvements top city meeting

The Barron Park Master Plan Committee Meeting proceeded the regular January 9 meeting of the LaBelle City Commission. Mayor Lyons opened the floor to discussion on short-term imporvements at Barron Park. There was only one bid turned in on redoing the benches in front of the gazebo. Discussion turned to using power poles or 6X6 […]