Showing up will set you light years ahead

If I told you there was one thing that you could start doing right now to place yourself ahead of your game, to get you one step closer towards your goals, dreams, and desires, and to position you closer to your win, would you want to know what it was? Of course you would! Who […]

Life can get really groovy by surrendering our desires

Sometimes we get so caught up with our goals, dreams, and desires that it’s hard to let go of our attachment to the outcome. We spend so much energy on trying to make things happen and working tirelessly for the end results that we burn ourselves out and actually end up pinching off the flow […]

By Focusing on the good, more good is attracted to you

As we move along the path of learning more and more how to shift our thoughts and frame them in a way that we are focusing on the positive, exercising gratitude, leaning away from the thoughts that keep us stuck in our fear based limited thinking and playing small, and we begin to see our […]

I promise, you’re not alone

Have you ever felt so alone and isolated when you feel burdened by stresses that come up in daily life? It’s easy to get bogged down in depression and loneliness when we are facing a difficult situation. In the immediate emotional overload, we can’t imagine that anyone has ever felt the way that we are […]

What personal freedoms are you exercising?

As we celebrated Independence Day this week the theme of freedom is on our minds. We all gave and continue to give gratitude for the men and women who have sacrificed their safety and many times their lives in the service to protect our individual and collective freedoms in this country. As the celebration of […]

It is important to protect your energy

Have you ever been so in the flow of life that everything was just going absolutely swimmingly? You woke up feeling great, the weather is perfect, your hair looks amazing, your kids made their own breakfast, your favorite song is on the radio, and you just can’t imagine feeling any happier! But then, as you […]

Complaining has become a huge problem

There seems to be an epidemic affecting our society today. It breeds itself between innocent and unsuspecting peoples in the most seemingly innocuous of places. It’s happening in the vegetable section at the local grocery store, in the parent pick up line at our schools, in the waiting rooms at our doctors offices, and even […]

Stop playing small

This is an excerpt from a previous article that I was strongly led to re-publish. In times like these; with acts of terror plaguing our cities, our countries, our world, it is imperative that we stop playing small and be the light. Peace begins with you and me. Don’t underestimate the power in every decision […]

Happiness is an inside job

Many times we feel that our happiness depends on external circumstances. So many times we can get caught up in the belief that when we have a certain job that pays us a certain amount of money, or a relationship with the partner of our dreams, or live in a house with more square footage, […]

Taking care of you is essential to leading a happy life

As summer inches closer and the temperatures rise higher we begin to notice a trend in advertising that focuses intensely on the way we look. From weight loss companies to clothing ads on television, magazines, and social media the general message we are bombarded with around this time of year is “get your ‘summer body’ […]