Local Surgical Services in Hendry County reduce burden of travel

Clewiston – Traveling long distances can add to the stress and discomfort of surgery. The need to travel to and from a facility outside the community can also cause a burden for family members. Fortunately for Hendry County residents, common surgical procedures are available at Hendry Regional Medical Center. The trusted medical team at Hendry […]

How to handle a rude comment about you

Have you ever experienced this? You are having an amazing day until you hear from a friend that someone has said something not so nice about you, or you open up your social media feed and read that someone has commented something really snarky or rude on your post or on your page? It’s a […]

ACT accredited by CBI

FORT MYERS, FL (March 10, 2016) – Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc. (ACT) has been approved for full program accreditation by Cycle Breakers International (CBI). CBI is a worldwide membership organization serving and advancing local community programs through advocacy, accreditation, education and other services in order to improve the overall quality of life for the […]

Mental health clinic expanding service

Mental health issues can affect people’s lives in many ways, from mildly disruptive to life threatening. So when Hendry/Glades Behavioral Health Center, the previous provider of mental health services in Hendry and Glades closed its doors, it was devastating to many locals. When the program, open since 1974, could not make its payroll, it lost […]