Right spelling of ‘Muse’ now official

MOORE HAVEN — An elementary school teacher here has had his petition to correct the spelling of Muse approved by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names. Anthony Narehood, who teaches at Moore Haven Elementary School, emailed last week to say, “Muse is officially M-U-S-E,” not “Muce” or “Meuce” as it has appeared on some maps […]

Teacher presses to fix the dissing of ‘Muse’ as ‘Muce’

MOORE HAVEN — To correct an annoying misspelling these days might be no simple matter, it seems — especially if it’s routinely misrendered online by Google Maps and in Bing searches because of errors in federal maps and documents. It so bothered fifth-grade science teacher Anthony Narehood of LaBelle that he decided to find out […]