Garcia is running for Hendry County Sheriff

“The law implemented equally among all is the only thing that makes us truly equal.” Candidate for Hendry County Sheriff, Ricky Garcia served as a road patrol deputy for six years. He resigned this past February in order to run for sheriff and is running with No Party Affiliation. He brings to his candidacy a […]

Puletti seeks re-election as Superintendent

There have been many changes in education during Paul Puletti’s term as Superintendent of Hendry County Schools. As other Florida districts, Hendry County has had to regear for new educational standards and testing. As superintendent, Mr. Puletti has guided the district’s teachers and supported them as they immersed themselves in the new standards. He said […]

Rick Murphy announces candidacy for Superintendent

Rick Murphy announces his candidacy for Superintendent of Hendry County Schools. He is the 12th child of Susie Wade and a lifelong resident of Hendry County, born and raised in Hooker’s Point south of Clewiston. He is the father of two daughters, Crystal and Christina Murphy, and grandfather of Nadia and Jalen Centeno. He graduated […]

Barbara Butler seeks re-election as Clerk of Courts

For 15.5 years Barbara Butler has served Hendry County as its Clerk of Courts and Comptroller. She took office in January 2001. She has years as a certified paralegal before ever being elected to her current position. She worked for Clewiston attorney Jack Rafter – who served as attorney for the City of Clewiston and […]

Republican Russell W. Tidaback is running for Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller

Russell W. Tidaback is a proactive, performance-driven professional who cares about People, Product and Process; with 24 years progressive expertise in leadership, organizational skills and a refined understanding of business priorities. He is a genuine team player committed to managing overall operations and projects flawlessly while contributing to revenue producing activities. He is also a […]

Berg running for School Board

After 16 years Sally Berg is still interested, involved and eager to continue her work on the Hendry County School Board, Originally recruited to serve by a former board member, she feels she is uniquely aware of teacher/parent issues in the education system, able to approach issues from their point of view. She knows what […]

Perkins running for School Board

Candidate for Hendry County School Board District 2 seat, Kim Perkins has been gearing up for her candidacy for 7-8 years. She said her experience as a mother of three Hendry County students has been the impetus behind her decision to run for office. Her experience includes running a construction business with her husband, Chad, […]

Referendum: Single district or at large voting?

Since 1992 Hendry County Commissioners and members of the School Board have been elected by single district voting. Before the 1992 elections, all five commissioners and school board members were elected by voters throughout the entire county. In the single district system Hendry has now, each candidate is required to live in the district in […]

Paige challenging for Hendry County judge seat

“Fairness is not a part time job.” Candidate for Hendry County judge Daniel Riccardo Paige Sr., has been an attorney since 1986. With his primary office in Sebring, he practices civil law throughout Florida. He grew up in Clewiston in the late 1950s through the mid-‘70s in a family with ten children. He watched as […]

Johnny Jackson running for sheriff

Johnny Lee Jackson is running for Sheriff of Hendry County as a Democrat. A lifelong resident of Clewiston, he retired after 29 years in law enforcement – three with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office and 26 with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. He retired from PBCSO June 15, 2015. He has served on road patrol, […]