Meet Deputy Gary Ben Hull

Deputy Gary Ben Hull was born and raised in LaBelle, FL. His family ties extend back several generations in Hendry County, and this is the place he plans to always call home. Deputy Hull attended LaBelle schools and graduated from LaBelle High School in 2012. Unsure of what career path he wanted to travel, Hull […]

Meet Deputy Zorone Everett

Deputy Zorone Everett was born in Pahokee, Florida in 1976. After attending the area elementary and middle school, Deputy Everett moved to West Palm Beach, Florida with his family. While there, he finished his high school career at Wellington High School and graduated with his diploma in 1995. Being young and seeing the world as […]

Met Deputy Laura Hernandez

Deputy Laura Hernandez was born in Berin Springs, Michigan, and raised in LaBelle. She attended LaBelle Elementary, LaBelle Middle and LaBelle High School. After graduating from LaBelle High, Hernandez enrolled at Edison Community College and attended classes for a few months. Needing a change of pace, she moved to Bradenton, for about a year. Ready […]

Meet HCSO Deputy Martha Vazquez

Deputy Martha Vazquez was born in Manhattan, New York, and raised in the Bronx. She lived with her parents who are now deceased. She grew up with three siblings, one of whom has since passed away. After graduating from Morris High School, she enrolled in the U.S. Military where she served in the Women’s Army […]

Meet Jack Willis of the Hendry County Sheriff’s Department

Jack Willis was born in Fort Myers, Florida, and raised in Felda, Florida. After attending the Hendry County School system, he graduated from LaBelle High School in 1974. In the Fall of 1974, Jack moved to Tifton, Georgia to attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC). His plan was to study Ag Economics. When his brother, […]

Dogs are not permitted in LaBelle’s public parks

The Hendry-LaBelle Recreation Board would like to remind citizens that dogs (leashed or unleashed) are not permitted in LaBelle’s public parks and playground areas. Although employees and members of the Board are pet lovers, the main concerns are public safety and hygiene issues. This rule applies to the Alton “Kid” Jones Park, Bob Mason Park, […]

Meet HCSO Deputy Sheriff Mike Lilley

Deputy Sheriff Mike Lilley was born in Okeechobee, FL. Initially he lived in Okeechobee, but also spent time later living in Lakeport, Immokalee, Felda and LaBelle. After finally settling down with his family permanently in LaBelle, Lilley graduated from LaBelle High School in 2002. During high school, he worked at LaBelle Ranch Supply. This is […]

Inspiring LaBelle To Shop Local

Many times, we choose to go to the larger out of town businesses for our shopping or service needs. Surprisingly, most of these needs can be met right here in Hendry County. Sure, some things may be a little less expensive by dealing with larger businesses, but in the long run the benefits of shopping […]

Meet HCSO Deputy D.J. Lansaw

BDeputy D.J. Lansaw was born and raised in Danville, Illinois. He attended the local schools, and graduated from Danville High School. After graduation, Deputy Lansaw found a job working with a surveyor crew. He learned how to use the instruments and perform surveys. He stayed in this field working as both a draftsman and an […]

Meet Detention Deputy Johnitha Simmons

Detention Deputy Johnitha Simmons was born in Los Angeles, California. At four years old, she and her mother moved to Clewiston, Florida where she still resides today. Deputy Sheriff Simmons graduated from Clewiston High School in 2001. She later enrolled in Palm Beach State College and earned her A.A. Degree in 2005. Wanting to eventually […]