Wabi-Sabi – The Beauty of Imperfection

In the Western World we are obsessed with perfection. We see it all the time on television and social media and all around us in advertising. This makes us want the perfect body and the perfect job and the perfect life. Of course, this is an unobtainable goal, but that’s the message that we get […]

LaBelle Heritage Museum Discovers Silver Dollar

LaBelle – At the annual LaBelle Heritage Museum Potluck Dinner and the installation of incoming officers, Joe Thomas, President of the LaBelle Heritage Museum, explained the story of the silver dollar: “Jackie Ratica, of Special Concrete Design Inc. found the 1912 Barber Half Dollar while working on the museum’s foundation. We found out that apparently […]

Vietnam Veterans reunite after 50 years

LaBelle – Robert Glossenger, retired military sergeant, now known as “Pastor Bob” at the Riverbend Motorcoach Resort in LaBelle has finally found David Martin; the man who saved his life. Myself, together with Sheriff Steve Whidden of the Hendry County Sherifff’s Office met with Bob and David to hear their story. In 1967, right out […]

Pioneer Cousins reunited

Amy Winn, who lives in Austin, Texas was born in Miami and put up for adoption at birth. For the last twenty years Amy has been searching for her roots. Now her search led her to her long lost third cousin Terry Hamilton-Wollin, who is guiding her through her family’s history. Amy: “I knew from […]

Jim Howard wins 50+ Ahrma National

Jim Howard (51) had not ridden a motorcycle since 1983. In January of this year he decided he would give motor cross a try again and bought a vintage bike. Three months later he participated in the Ahrma National and won the 50+ Post Vintage 125 Intermediate Series in Jefferson, Texas. Howard started racing motocross […]

County Board proclaims Hendry a ‘Purple Heart County’

The Hendry County Commission meeting of Tuesday, March 27, started off with the proclamation of the county as a “Purple Heart County.” Hendry County has a highly decorated veteran population including many Purple Heart recipients. The Hendry County Board encouraged citizens to show their appreciation of the sacrifices that Purple Heart recipients have made, and […]

Lazy H Bait – oldest commercial insect farm in the state

It is the oldest commercial insect farm in the state of Florida and despite setbacks it continues to breed crickets of all shapes and sizes, mealworms, superworms and discoid roaches. Lazy H Bait has been a family operated business since 1987. Brad Ross took ownership of the farm on September 10, 2010 and has dealt […]

Carlos Gonzalez fell under the spell of LaBelle

Carlos Inocente Gonzalez moved here last summer with his family from Miami. Originally from Venezuela, the artist fell in love with the quaint and quiet town of LaBelle. I arrange to meet Carlos at Gallery 101 in Downtown LaBelle where he exhibits his work and has his studio. As I walk in I am greeted […]

The Riverbend Motorcoach Resort has a new on-site Realtor

Randy Williams is the new exclusive on-site agent at the Riverbend Motorcoach Resort. Working for Southern Heritage, Randy moved here a month ago from the Keys with his wife Mikki. I meet Randy at the Riverbend Motorcoach Resort, we hopped in his golf cart for a tour of the resort, I never would have imagined […]

Me and My Girls is now open for business

Me and My Girls Antiques & Home Decor have opened their doors on Thursday November 2. It is an antique store with a twist; you can rent a booth from the new owners Rudy and Maggie Barreneche and sell your own stuff. They will be selling antiques and home decor and will even have a […]