“Nickie” Cutinha honored with statue

In spite of ongoing coronavirus concerns a small group gathered at LaBelle Veterans Park Sunday, March 29. They came to honor young American men whose commitment, bravery, love of their country and of their adopted brothers allowed them to become better than they otherwise might have been. During the Viet Nam War thousands of young […]

Toilet Paper Worries!

There are many mind-boggling things in this 21st Century – space travel, global warming, can humans ever get to a point where they don’t see a benefit in killing each other. Life changing, history making issues. Toilet paper should not be in that category. That’s right. Of all the unimaginable things there are in this […]

One of a kind offering!

On March 14 the LaBelle Chamber of Commerce once again pulled off a great annual giveaway. Some folks took full advantage of the Mardi Gras theme, ramping up the fun by arriving in jazzy costumes. The fun included delicious steaks with all the yummy trimmings. Randy Womble won the big money prize ($6,200) and as […]

Robert Basil Waldron 2020 SCF Pioneer Family

Like so many of his generation, this year’s Swamp Cabbage Festival Pioneer Family patriarch was an all-round jack-of-all-trades, not-afraid-to-get-his-hands-dirty, get-er-done kind of man. They had to be – help wasn’t just a phone call away in those days. Not that folks didn’t help each other out all they could, but each individual took responsibility for […]

Rene Curtis-Pratt 2020 SCF Grand Marshal

Rene Curtis-Pratt is continuing a long line of Swamp Cabbage Festival Grand Marshals whose heart and community spirit sets them apart. From the beginning LaBelle residents have pulled together to build a thriving community they could be proud of – rich fodder for many Grand Marshals. Born into the Curtis family of North Carolina, Rene’s […]

Nicholas J. Cutinha – Medal of Honor

Some things cannot be forgotten. Some things should never be forgotten. Those two realities come together in the story of a young man who lived in LaBelle for a time as a boy, and did more in his short life than can truly be comprehended. Nicholas J. Cutinha was just one of a generation of […]

Lazars have made LaBelle their own

LaBelle has been blessed with many hard working, unselfish sons and daughters and adopted sons and daughters, whose lives have enriched us all. Throughout their years in LaBelle, Jeff and Terri Lazar have proven themselves to be bona fide members of that group. Raised in Miami, Jeff is a graduate of the University of Florida. […]

Providers: Rethink behavioral health services at group meeting

Rural communities share many disadvantages as well as advantages. The advantages speak for themselves, but the disadvantages are much harder to get a handle on, among the disadvantages are a lack of local services for people struggling with mental and behavioral issues. An ongoing effort to meet those needs seems to be gathering momentum. Monday, […]

HC staff takes on challenge of mental health services

It is arguable that mental health is one of the major problems modern society faces. Humans have excelled in technological and social advances, especially over the past 200 or so years. Still, we don’t seem to be able to get a good handle on our own individual thoughts, feelings and impulses. How we each feel […]

The O’Ferrell Family named 2019 Pioneer Family

It’s been a sweet life for the O’Ferrell Family. Even with the ups and downs that plague everyone, the 2019 Swamp Cabbage Festival Pioneer Family members look back on a history filled with love, community pride and downhome fun. They look forward to the continued blessings of a close family and community. Jesse and Irma […]