Dr. Chow: An American success story

Opportunity. That’s what this country means to Dr. Kai-Fu Chow, who has served LaBelle’s medical needs since 1981. Born in a crushingly poor small town in China, Dr. Chow was 15 when he emigrated to Miami with his parents and brothers. His grandparents had preceded them to the US and had become American citizens. In […]

Riverside Real Estate has been in business for 20 years

It’s a gift to spend your life in a career you love. Marilyn Sears can attest to that. She is just beginning to let go of her successful career in real estate and open her life to other pursuits. Marilyn has decided to dial back on her career and spend more time with her five […]

Primate Products center-stage at Circuit Court

On Monday, January 22, Primate Products, the controversial primate breeding facility located in south Hendry County, was again center-stage in Hendry County Circuit Court. The facility has been engaged in litigation initiated by animal rights activists who, for several years, have accused the facility, and others, with animal abuse and creating dangerous conditions for those […]

State scrutinizes local CDL tester

An investigation by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has resulted in the severing of its agreement with Key Power Driving School on November 16. While investigating third-party CDL testing sites, the department found practices of Key Power Driving School posed “an immediate, serious danger to public health, safety and welfare.” […]

Asbed honored with McArthur Foundation Fellowship

It’s strange that, even though food is one of the most basic and universal human needs, those who labor to make it readily available to most of us have traditionally gotten so little respect. And that may be the bottom line for Greg Asbed and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW). Respect. After years working […]

The Farmacy Smoothie and Juice Bar

There are lots of parts to overall good health and putting them all together can be confusing. Still, good nutrition is the foundation for it all. Health ideas come and go. Craziness seems to be the only constant rule and there’s always a new take on just what “good nutrition” is. Well, the building blocks […]

Irma will impact agriculture in Hendry County for long time

The agriculture community of Hendry County is again proving its resiliency, moving on from the damage left by Hurricane Irma. Already reeling from years of fighting natural and economic factors that could even affect their continued viability, farmers and growers have already rolled up their sleeves and gotten back to work. In addition to dealing […]

BOCC sets tentative millage rate; discusses Irma reaction

At Tuesday night’s county commission meeting, the board set the tentative 2017-18 millage rate and budget. Much of the rest of the meeting was taken up in Hurricane Irma-related issues. The commission voted to place the tentative millage rate at 8.4909, with a roll back rate of 8.2645. That’s the rate that would be required […]

City’s millage rate holds steady

The City of LaBelle’s economic picture seems to continue its upward trend, at least as it is reflected in a preview of the city’s 2017-18 taxes. City commissioners set the tentative millage rate for next year at its current rate – 3.6066 – a rate that has held steady since 2015-16. However, work is not […]

4-H stands to lose state funding

The state legislature is holding a special session now, June 7-9, to complete the state’s budget, sorting through Gov. Scott’s proposed cuts. Cuts are targeted at programs the governor feels are of little benefit to citizens. County Extension Director Gene McAvoy noted that he and those in the Cooperative Extension Service throughout the state are […]